As a perfect Chromecast receiver, Apowersoft Android Recorder enables you to connect your Android device to computer easily. With the help of this screen recorder for Android, you just need to set your device and computer under the same Wi-Fi network and start casting. And all those displayed on your Android device will be viewed on the computer immediately. This Android screen recorder allows you to flawlessly stream anything like games, music, movies, video calls and many more from Android to computer in real time.

And the audio will also be synchronized without delay. In this way, you will have large view of your mobile device on the computer, which is very useful in making presentations, watching movies and playing exciting gameplays.

Apowersoft Android Recorder can not only project Android screen to PC or Mac, but also capture the screen with just one click. Utilizing it, you can record your Android screen along with audio, take screenshots, as well as make GIFs of the screen. When you record Android screen on Mac or Windows, you may have different requirements for the recordings so that you can play them perfectly on different platforms.

For accessing the recordings quickly, you can also set your own output directory for saving them. In case that you want to upload or share the recordings, this screen recorder for Android gives you options to do that instantly.

After that, you can access the videos at any time on different platforms via Internet. Reviews 6. Download Now. Video Guide. Connect Android to Computer As a perfect Chromecast receiver, Apowersoft Android Recorder enables you to connect your Android device to computer easily. Real-time Display This Android screen recorder allows you to flawlessly stream anything like games, music, movies, video calls and many more from Android to computer in real time.

Customize Recording Settings When you record Android screen on Mac or Windows, you may have different requirements for the recordings so that you can play them perfectly on different platforms. Options Language Support About. Upload and Share In case that you want to upload or share the recordings, this screen recorder for Android gives you options to do that instantly. Love it? Download it and have a try now!

Apowersoft Android Recorder Comment. Follow us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.More information at www. February Has it ever been more vital for corporations to ditch the greed and embrace gen- erosity? It's something that countless individuals have already started doing, of course: giving is the new taking, and sharing is the new giving.

And yes, we do realize that this month's Trend Brief- ing is massive, but in this business climate, can you really afford not to spend some time figuring out how to get a little closer to your customers? Sometimes big events and ongoing trends clash in a beautiful way, only to converge soon after. Consider the following:. As consumers are disgusted with greed and its current dire consequences for the economy—and while that same upheaval has them longing more than ever for institutions that care—the need for more generosity beautifully coincides with the ongoing and pre-recession emergence of an online-fueled culture of individuals who share, give, engage, create and collabo- rate in large numbers.

In fact, for many, sharing a passion and receiving recognition have replaced 'taking' as the new status symbol. More at: www. Challenging times see people craving care, empathy, sympathy and gen- The current financial meltdown has led consumers to be more erosity. Many in the corporate world are zens will demand from governments and organizations: someone so far removed from what is now an immensely better informed, to take care of their jobs, their savings, their fellow citizens.

This m o re o p i n i o n a t e d c o n s u m e r a re n at h a t t h e i r n o n - need becomes extra poignant in societies where individualism is communications, their inter- actions, their entire behavior is the new religion, and thus every person, young and old, rich and deeply out of tune with what consumers want and expect in the poor, has been told by society that he or she matters as an indi- years to come.

Which in turn has made generosity one of a new set of status symbols. Over the past few years, billionaires around the world have been upping the ante for other financially independent individuals by giving away really big chunks if not all of their fortunes.

So here are some act, while greed is, well, out. Of course.

Share files in OneDrive for Android

To basically find status and gratification in something whom have been actively involved in the last 30 days. It other than consuming the most or the best. A day. And that practically live online, while over the last dozen or so years, virtu- was LAST year. As always, companies can learn from collecting evidence. Learn from, and get inspired by: of a number of initiatives that at times can feel forced—a re- sponse to societal pressures instead of a holistic desire to be 1.

And we haven't even addressed the 2. Speaking of which: being generous to customers doesn't always mean giving away everything you have: we're not suggesting you forget about bottom lines and profitability.Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Microsofteven when you're working remotely.

With the power of the Office app for Android, you can stay productive on the go. Take pictures of whiteboards or printed documents and crop, sharpen, or straighten them by using Office Lens. To download and install the app on your Android device, visit Office for Android.

You can use the Office app without signing in to view, create, and save files on your Android device.

Acuminder android file

When you sign in with your personal Microsoft account, or your work or school account, you gain the ability to save files to your cloud locations OneDrive, SharePoint, or your preferred third-party storage provider. The Office app also supports premium features that are available with a qualifying Office subscription.

Without a subscription, you'll be prompted to purchase a subscription whenever you're trying to access a premium feature. For more information, see What you can do in the Office apps on mobile devices. To get started, choose from the links below:.

Scan text to Word. Scan a table to Excel. Choose pictures to create in PowerPoint. Sticky Notes for Android.

Office Lens for Android. Transfer files. Share nearby. Image to text. Image to Table. Sign a PDF file. Scan to PDF. Pictures to PDF. Document to PDF. Scan QR Code.File management isn't the sexiest subject surrounding smartphone ownership — but if you use your device for productivity, it's an important area to consider. Your phone, after all, is your on-the-go connection to the world.

It's the always-available PC of our modern computing era. And whether your work involves presentations, PDFs, documents, or images, you're bound to find yourself fumbling around with files on your pocket-sized screen sooner or later.

With the right tools, though, dealing with files from your phone doesn't have to be a hassle. And the good news? Android's got plenty of outstanding options. Google's own Files app has come a long way since its inconspicuous debut. These days, Files is a fully featured file management tool, with all the basics you'd expect and some compelling extras — all packed into a nicely designed and easy-to-use interface.

What is the ACUMINDER™ Tool and how do I enroll?

At its core, Files makes it painless and almost even pleasant to browse through your phone's local storage and find, share, or organize any files you've downloaded or transferred onto the device.

The app lets you look through folders or sort items by type documents, images, videos, and so on. It has an effective search system, as you'd expect, and it even offers a convenient way to send any locally stored files to Google Drive with a couple quick taps. Files by Google lets you browse your phone's local storage and perform a variety of actions on folders and files.

Files can open compressed archives, too, though it isn't able to create new ZIPs. It also doesn't allow you to browse your Google Drive storage or connect to any non-Google cloud storage service in any way.

If those sorts of advanced file management functions are what you're after, the app in the next section will be more suitable for you. Files does, however, have an incredibly handy system for freeing up storage on your phone: The app continuously analyzes your storage and offers up intelligent suggestions for superfluous files you can safely delete — things like duplicates, temporary files, and especially large items.

It works seamlessly with Google Photos and will prompt you to remove local copies of any images or videos that are already backed up to the cloud. It'll even look for apps you haven't opened in weeks and then suggest uninstalling them to clear some room.

And if you need to send files to any other Android phone in your physical area, Files has a simple system for wirelessly transmitting data between devices though only Android-to-Android as of now; if transferring between an Android phone and a computer is what you're after, keep reading for a recommendation on that front.

Google's Files app helps keep your phone from running out of storage and makes it super-simple to share files with other Android devices. All in all, Files by Google is a well-rounded and intuitive file manager that handles all the file management tasks most business users will need on a phone.

It's a significant upgrade from the default file managers that come preinstalled on most Android devices, and if you don't have any special requirements or advanced demands, it's almost certainly the app for you. For anyone who needs a little more mobile file management oomph, Solid Explorer is the way to go. Solid Explorer has all the same file manipulation basics as Google's Files app but adds in advanced options like the ability to create new ZIP archives and to add an extra layer of encryption to any folder, file, or archive on your phone.

It's also able to integrate with a wide variety of internet-based storage services — including Google Drive along with Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and even your own private server — and then serve as a streamlined interface for managing all of your stuff and transferring data between different locations with ease.

Solid Explorer is overflowing with advanced options for manipulating files and working with cloud storage. Solid Explorer has a clever two-panel interface for fuss-free dragging and dropping between locations, too — be they two local folders or a combination of local and cloud-based folders from any connected service. All you have to do is flip your phone sideways for that setup to appear. Solid Explorer's smart two-panel interface allows you to view two folders together and drag and drop files between them.

From variable-based batch renaming to folder bookmarking and even support for casting content to a TV or other Chromecast built-in display, Solid Explorer is just jam-packed with useful stuff — and yet it manages to remain reasonably simple and easy to use.

Troubleshoot OneDrive for Android app problems

It also works exceptionally well on a Chromebookand once you've bought it for your phone, you can install it onto any Chrome OS device without having to pay again. The app's advanced elements won't be necessary for most people, but if your on-the-go work requires such next-level file management functions, Solid Explorer is the path to pursue.Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Microsofteven when you're working remotely.

Let's get the issue sorted out as quickly as possible. For all OneDrive mobile sync, sharing, and upload issues, make sure you can connect to the Internet. Some apps and features may only work with Wi-Fi, depending on your device settings, or your mobile data plan. Check that Camera upload toggle is switched on. If your camera upload is taking too long to set up or look for photos, without giving any error message, it could be because you have too many photos in your camera roll, or that you are out of storage space.

The OneDrive app lets you upload your camera roll and other pictures and lets you download any files you have at OneDrive. Tap Complete action using: OneDrivethen tap Just onceif prompted. If you want to set a ringtone from your device rather than from OneDrive, you may have to clear the OneDrive app defaults.

Scroll down and then tap Clear Defaultsand you're done. After you clear the OneDrive defaults, you should be able to use the Sound Picker whenever you choose OneDrive files as ringtones, instead of going to OneDrive.

Tap Force Stop and then tap Clear data and Clear cache. Reinstall the app from Google Play. Also, because OneDrive. The file might be open in another app. Save any changes to the file, close the app, and then try to upload the file again. The file name including the path is too long. The filename and path must contain fewer than characters.

Shorten the name of your file or the name of subfolders in OneDrive, or select a subfolder that's closer to the top-level folder, and then try to upload the file again. The file might have been moved, renamed, or deleted before you tried to upload it. Locate the file, and then try to upload it again. A file won't upload if it doesn't fit in your available OneDrive storage space.

Alternatively, go to your Storage page online. The filename contains characters that aren't allowed. Use OneDrive for Android. Find lost or missing files in OneDrive. Fix problems uploading files on the OneDrive website. More fixes for recent OneDrive issues. Tips Letting us know your location may help us resolve your issue more quickly. All fixed?

If you contacted us and OneDrive starts working again, please let us know by replying to the email we sent you. Skip to main content. Learn more. Troubleshoot OneDrive for Android app problems. The OneDrive app does not sync files automatically. Here's how to set a ringtone from a OneDrive music file.

Scroll down and then tap OneDrive. Select Applications.Accounting, Maths and Computing for Business Studies 9. Ace Utilities 5. Add and append data and text and characters to multiple text files 9. Addlogix SnapShot Professional 7. Adobe Audition 3. Advanced Directory Comparison and Synchronization 2. Advanced Encryption Package Professional 5.

Acuminder android file

Advanced Splitter 'BeyondTheGigs' 1. Advanced SystemCare Professional 5. Akaimasq's Infamous Vana'diel Clock 0. Alex's Arithmetic Sequence Sum Calculator 1. Alparysoft Cleaner for Amateur Video 1. Alparysoft Deinterlace filter 2. Alparysoft HandsFree Screensaver 1.

Alparysoft Lossless Video Codec 2. Alparysoft VideoLock for Webcam 1. AlphaControls Lite Edition 6. Andrew's Plugins Collection - Special Bundle 1. Andrew's Plugins Volume 1 'Innovations' 1. Andrew's Plugins Volume 10 'WeirdColor' Andrew's Plugins Volume 12 'Gradienthypergenerator' Andrew's Plugins Volume 13 'Distortation' Andrew's Plugins Volume 18 'CarnivalColors' Andrew's Plugins Volume 19 'CircusDaze' Andrew's Plugins Volume 2 'Distortiontricks' 2.

Andrew's Plugins Volume 4 'Blurfactory' 4. Andrew's Plugins Volume 5 'Photograiny' 5. Andrew's Plugins Volume 6 'CutoutLantern' 6. Andrew's Plugins Volume 7 'Gradientworld' 7. Andrew's Plugins Volume 8 'Pixelhazy' 8. Andrew's Plugins Volume 9 'ImageEchoes' 9. Andrew's Vector Plugins Volume 1 'Creation' 1.

Andrew's Vector Plugins Volume 13 'Spiral' Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Microsofteven when you're working remotely. You can also see files that other people have shared with you.

To stop sharinggo to the OneDrive website and sign in with your Microsoft account, or with your work or school account. Also, because OneDrive. In the OneDrive app signed in with your Microsoft accountselect the file or folder you want press and hold to select itand then select Share.

Select OneDrive - Businessearlier in this article, to see those instructions. Select Copy linkand then paste the link in the app or website where you're sharing the link.

In the OneDrive appselect the file or folder you want to share press and hold to select it. At Add people to share withenter the names or e-mail addresses you want.

To let people edit, leave the Allow editing box checked. Uncheck that box to let people only view the file or folder. Tap Send. The recipients get an email message with a link to the document.

In the Share list, tap the app you want to use to send the file. To use that app every time you send a file, tap Always. If you tap Just oncethis choice appears again next time you send a file. If you want to share a folder, use Copy link or Invite people.

Acuminder android file

When someone shares a OneDrive file or folder with you, you typically get an email message or a notification on your Android device. To find the files shared with you in the OneDrive app, tap the Shared view icon at the bottom of the app. The Shared view includes files shared with you, and files you've shared with others. When signed in with a personal OneDrive account, tap a sharer's name to find the files shared by that person. In the OneDrive app signed in with your work or school accountselect the file or folder you want press and hold to select itand then select Share.

If you just want to send a copy of the file instead of sharing, click Send a Copy. Optional Click the dropdown list to change the type of link.

Options for Who would you like this link to work for options vary based on admin settings :. Anyone gives access to anyone who receives this link, whether they receive it directly from you or forwarded from someone else.

This may include people outside of your organization. Specific people gives access only to the people you specify, although other people may already have access. If people forward the sharing invitation, only people who already have access to the item will be able to use the link.